Hello and welcome!

My name is Glenn Weybright. I am a speech language pathologist and person who stutters. I have recently retired from my full-time job providing direct speech therapy but am still passionate about my calling, this field where I have worked for over 45 years. To my surprise, I have discovered that retirement has not lessened my desire to help people with communication disorders and those who support them, nor has it lessened the joy I feel when I get to do that. Although I have closed my speech therapy clinic, it turns out that I’m not ready to close the door and walk away from people with communication disorders and from those who help and support them. I believe it is what I was born to do; it makes me whole as a person. I am realizing that my working experience as a speech language pathologist is of value to those who follow me in this calling, just as my speech therapy has value for those with communication disorders. To that end, I very much enjoy sharing that experience as I mentor graduate students in speech language pathology and I enjoy sharing examples of the speech therapy I have provided (see Case Studies). I am grateful for the gifts and talents I’ve been given which prepared me for this career, gifts including my own stuttering, and I am grateful for the trust that professionals and families have placed in me all these years.

Being of help to people who stutter and those who support them continues to be a driving force in my life. I am a board-certified specialist in fluency and fluency disorders (stuttering) and have worked with people who stutter across the life span for most of my career. I also have years of experience teaching and creating teaching videos for parents and speech language pathologists interested in using Indirect Language Stimulation as a way of encouraging language development in typically developing young preschoolers and in those children who are delayed in language development. I also have years of experience working with those with Childhood Apraxia of Speech (see blog post Three Little Boys), with people on the autism spectrum, with those with Down syndrome, as well as those with other speech and language issues (see my Biography and Case Studies pages for further information).

Here are my intentions. I will continue to mentor undergraduate and graduate students in speech language pathology and I will accept speaking and consulting engagements as they arise (see my Contact page). I will continue to stay active in the local and national stuttering communities. I am also going to continue to write (see my Blog) about stuttering, about communication, and about life, including the challenges we all face as we try to be the best humans we can be.

Thank you for tracking me down!

Glenn Weybright
M.S. CCC-SLP, BCS-F, Speech Language Pathologist